During the second day in Strasbourg i decided to take some pictures with this black beauty. This dress is like a never-ending shirt mixed with the cut of a coat. Designed by Julia Allert and crafted in Republic of Moldova, this piece can be a statement piece in your wardrobe. Wear it with heels & go to a wedding, wear it to the beach with a turban in your head or even on the streets of your city with a pair of sneakers on.
I don’t know if you noticed until now, but i’ve never encouraged you through my blog to buy non-sense pieces & i’ve always tried to encourage women to spend wisely & to invest in easy-to-wear pieces, that are affordable & yet look extraordinary.
Through this post i just want to encourage you to see your everyday way to the work as your personal catwalk. Everyday you have a defilee & you have to improvise with what you already have in your wardrobe. If you have a man living with you in your home, don’t hesitate to borrow a shirt, or a cardigan…it may just look fantastic on you.
I constantly say to my friends, that we are living in a world, where women constantly blame the lack of money for their poor sense of style & non-sense clothes gathered in their wardrobes. And i just don’t accept this excuse, i just blame their lack of creativity. In a world full of second-hand shops & incredibly low prices during the sales seasons at the designer showrooms, it’s shameful to blame the money.
I know that you will tell me that i started by telling you about a designer dress & then i ended by telling you about second hand clothes. It’s not a contradiction here. You must know that there are a lot of affordable designers in this world, that are working their asses off to survive in an era where massmarket is rulling the world of Fashion. Imagine that this dress for instance costs about 100 Euros. So do many of my designed pieces. So, next time when you will save money for buying a dress that is worn by half of this planet, i will do my unique catwalk in an affordable designer dress, that looks fabulous & that was hand-crafted by a person who is not a slave in an Asian factory.
I have to thank Strasbourg Fashion Week, for offering me the opportunity to meet a lot of hard-working people from all around the World, who are doing their best to survive in an overdose of mass market. Besides, it was a great opportunity for us, the designers, to meet new customers from Strasbourg, to understand their needs & to open new roads & catwalks for our brands.

Hope you will remember my words, when you will do your catwalk tomorrow on the street & you will notice another girl that wears the same pair of sandals, pants, top, hat or a dress just like yours. Dare to be different dear, you deserve that!
Buy from your local designers, believe me you have a LOT of them in your city & not all of them sell their dresses as if they are inestimable art pieces ! Just do a research!


I was wearing : Dress : Julia Allert see more here
Heels : The Red Dot for Hannami Shoes

Photo: Rafi Alsace