I’ve returned from Strasbourg almost one week ago & i was waiting for this photos from Dan like a child waits for Christmas gifts!
The truth is that i haven’t written anything on the blog about my Strasbourg trip, because i didn’t have enough photos to document it.
Now that i have a lot of material gathered, i will start to tell you everything i did there!
So i went to Strasbourg on a business trip. Two years ago i was invited at Strasbourg Fashion Days & somehow it was a very productive trip. Besides having 2 fashion shows there, i got pregnant too. So basically i went there with Patrick & came back home with Erik too! This year i went alone, so just you know that it has not become a tradition!
Funny or not, i am forever bond to this city. And i have to thank for this to Olesea Savca, who invited me there on the first place. Also she is the one who invited me to Strasbourg Fashion Week, this year…and it turned out a great experience for me & Sweet Paprika. Besides having 3 defilee, i also had the opportunity to sell my Sweet Paprika products in Village de la Mode. But i will tell you more about the Strasbourg customers & what i’ve learned from them in another post.
In this one, i will focus on my camouflage look. I have to tell you that the turban, is actually a small piece of a golden fabric, that i stole from an Image Consultant …who also had a stand in that place. Apparently Sophie, used this small pieces of colourful fabrics to show to her clients, what colour fits them best & what doesn’t. I needed to make my look more interesting for this look, so i chose to improvise a golden turban. Needless to say that the cat-eyes complete my lady-like dress.
As you probably already guessed, i’m wearing my own designed dress & now you can have it on black & blue too! You can find it in my shop here.
Nevertheless, i think that once i’ve started my week in Strasbourg as a lady, i had to keep my looks at the same level, until the end, after all i had to show some respect to my “official blogger” badge. So stay tuned for more looks!
After all…i’ve been the official blogger of this event and that made me feel beyond proud & i had to show it.
So hope you like “the proud feeling of being a lady” …because this is what these pictures are saying, while you watch them.


Photo Credit: Dan Ciubotariu

I was wearing:
Mango- Cateyes
Earrings inherited from Madame Ivanescu , ma voisine:))
Sweet Paprika – Sahara dress
Sweet Paprika for Hannami shoes – The Red dot Stilletos