Do you know what is my favourite musical verse in the world? ” Cause all of us have wings, but some of us don’t know why!” – INXS-  never tear us apart.
That is something that i sing to myself when i feel that i am not able to fight anymore for my dreams. It motivates me to spread my wings one more time and practice my flight.
Looking back over my life, i’ve never been able to fit it. Of course i had friends, i was part of some musical, theatrical projects with many other kids, but i was never afraid to give it up when i felt that i can’t fit in those groups anymore. When i was 19 i was accepted in an intensive singing course. From 200 …only 10 of us were accepted. After 3 weeks, i suddenly felt that i don’t belong there. “I don’t like what i am taught. I don’t like the music i am brain washed with.” So i just stood up and walked towards my teacher and said that i am giving up. I gave up that opportunity.I left that room in he next second. When i was 21, i had my first real job as a fashion PR for an online shop. After three months, i suddenly realized that i can do more than that. I was in front of my computer, when suddenly i felt that all i needed is to escape that office. I stood up and  out of the blue told them that i am leaving. I didn’t even return to sign the papers. It felt so goooood everytime. Closing some doors just to open the ones that i needed.
Unable to fit in. I realized that this situation was a quality… too late. You see, i am scrolling on instagram nowadays and all i see is a lot of people that are trying to fit in. They are fitting in and they want to inspire people in this way. And this my dear ones is so sad. I am in this online fashion world for a while and i know my numbers didn’t grow up fast because i didn’t follow the rules.
At the beginning of my blogging business in 2010, there have been this titles: HOW TO? DIY? WHAT TO WEAR? DAILY LOOKS. TOP 30, 10 questions etc. This words were selling a lot. They were perfect for your SEO. I didn’t use them properly. Such a shame i didn’t believe them. Everybody is drinking their coffee with croissant. Everybody is french if they pose with baguettes, everybody is italian if they eat pasta, everybody is reading newspapers in an era where millennials don’t buy magazines and newspapers. You are buying them just to make a perfect flatlay for your instafeed. Contouring made you look all the same. The same lipstick obsession, same trends over & over again. I am curious for how many years from now on we will dress as hippies at festivals, without being hippie at all. Boho has become a uniform, it has overcome the idea of being a trend. And the problem is not everybody feels it’s vibes!
You see it would be so much easier for you to enjoy your uniqueness.
Not posing with your finger in your mouth, because that’s the way they do it. Acting happy and smiling in all your pictures, even if you do it only in front of your camera in front of your window where the light is real good, just to show us your perfect make up selfie.
We live in a world where social media is falling apart, the virtual kingdom we’ve built on Facebook is falling apart because people are getting bored by the same content repeated all over again.
Show off your true colours if you really want to stay an influencer or become one.
Can’t you just see that fakeness doesn’t sell anymore? That your audience is getting more and more aware about all this mascarade?
In a world of story tellers, why don’t you stand out and tell us your real story. I bet you in the next virtual era, reality is the only one that will sell.
Reality is the new luxury. Your pain, your struggles, your fears, your insanity, your absolutely random existential thoughts, your memories, your sad stories…all this is better than your perfect hair, in the perfect dress, in the perfect light with the perfect cup of tea.
Just think that you are all trying to stand out with the same things in the same game as everybody else does. Change that because the way i see it, now you are all fitting in the same clicheique show.
Too much time and energy in life gets spent trying to fit in…trying to be seen as “normal”. I personally think that normal is pretty boring. After all, why be normal when you can be exceptional?! When something simply “fits in” it is too easy to blend in, to go completely unnoticed. But when something stands out you cannot help but notice it. You cannot help but have your attention drawn to it.
Now I am not talking about standing out in your physical appearance – I am talking about standing out with your character. I am talking about standing out by going the extra mile, by being extra kind and compassionate toward others, by living a life of integrity. And in today’s world, those qualities will definitely make you a person who stands out.
The most talented, thought-provoking, game-changing people are never ‘normal’. They usually overcome great obstacles, take surprising routes to their goals, are often dysfunctional and under no circumstances do what people expect them to do. That’s why you should start showing that off in online. Name a role-model.
Are they ‘normal’? Name somebody you love. Are they ‘normal’? I very much doubt it. Everybody should strive to be exceptional by showing of their uniqueness.
Otherwise, believe me we are kiling the diversity by colouring our photos in the same hue.

Photos taken during our stay in Milan Fashion Week by Iuliana Cristina Popescu.
Dress: Baden 11
Boots: Garkony
hat : Sweet Paprika
crown : Katerinimou