Last week i had a workshop. I am actually playing occasionally the role of a “fashion teacher” in the corporate field. I was asked by one of my “students”, how to wear velvet, how to adapt it to our daily outfits and if it is appropriate to be worn at work?

I said, that during fall & winter it should be worn from head to toes. And this look  is an example for how you could actually do it. From earrings to high-heels, all covered in velvet.

Of course, for your business casual looks you should search for a less shinny type of velvet. That fabric is thicker, more expensive and it is very easy to be found in jackets in shops. Also this kind of velvet is very appropriate for men’s wardrobe. Needless to say that you don’t feel very comfortable as wearing it during day-time, you have to at least keep it as a must-have for your cocktail parties and wine evenings.

Definitely you must not wear transparent silk blouses at work, but you can put this on the list for your social events.

And please say YES to SILK + VELVET. It’s a total WIN!

As for the mesmerizing background you can see in the pictures, it belongs to the streets of Milan.

The scenes happened while i was with Iuliana at Milan Fashion Week in September. We have attended the FURLA new collection launching Event. It has happened behind that gigantic door and it was pure magic. You can see some throwbacks here and here on my instagram.





wearing: PNK casual blouse

SWEET PAPRIKA deux piece Burgundy Velvet jacket & pants.

Vintage velvet clips earrings

TEZYO pink velvet heels

Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu