Sitting and wondering about life’s littlest meanings is an action that not only brings you peacefulness, but it also has this cathartic effect. It allows you to explore the unknown sides of your subconsciousness, to dream, to reach for the happiness we always wanted to have. We are constantly trying to fool ourselves into believing that we should be rational, we should always think before acting, because everyone will judge us and we’ll not fit into society’s standards anymore. Our biggest fear contains into being treated as outsiders.

But why? Why all of this robotic behavior, as if we were all supposed to be the same, created after a pattern of perfectionism and accuracy? Just breathe and reflect upon this question for a little bit. I want you to promise yourself that, from now on, you’ll do everything your soul craves for. Be spontaneous, fearless, original. Speak your mind out loud whenever you feel like it, whether in the darkness of the night or at the crack of dawn. From experience, I can tell you that waiting for the right moment will only bring you regret, because the only right moment is now. Time is your best friend and worst enemy. Don’t let anything pass by you without leaving a mark.

Also, while doing this, try not to be so chaotic and give little pieces of you to every person you meet by accident. Don’t lose yourself too much into people. They might seem something they are not, only because your representation of them was a reflection of your desires. Some will not deserve this or they will take it for granted, not appreciating the effort. Don’t worry, though, you’ll learn from mistakes. Be patient with yourself. Just live, breathe, believe.