Paris is always a good idea, said Audrey once upon a time. This is the 8th time i’m going there so i can assume that she was right.

I have been born with the incredible luck to meet a lot of people in this life. And you have no idea how much i like this part of my life. Getting to know people, to make them share their stories, their dreams, their sadness – that’s one of my favourite activities. I was fond of the human nature since childhood. Later i’ve discovered that i might be an empath.

Of course, there are only a few that are stuck with me for their lifetime. Most of whom are empaths too.

Andreea is one of them. Needless to say she is stuck with me for the rest of her life. 99% of our time we are discussing supernatural stuff, about energy, spirituality, karma and all the other stuff that a pragmatic person wouldn’t care about, not as much as we do. It might be ” a cause de” our zodiacal sign – cancer – probably the most mystical of them all.

Anyways i have to tell you how our Paris situation has happened.

She is celebrating her bday on 23rd of June, i’m born on the 25th.  We met …after our bdays this summer, I knew how much she likes to travel so i did my best to find her a t-shirt from Aer Wear that said: “TRAVELER” on the back of it. We met  and she gave me an envelope. It said: “We have a flight reservation to Paris in October”. Needless to say that we thought that this was also a DIVINE SIGN !:)) Une coincidence tres bizzarre!

So, basically this is the best bday surprise in my life. And i should cherish that forever. It is better to offer unforgettable moments as a present… better than anything else. And this is something you should keep in your mind when you are buying a gift. It is not about what you will offer it is about how you will offer it, to no matter “whom it may concern.”

Another very unexpected and beautiful moment happened in our second day in Paris. Well, first of all it was the first time i had to pay for visiting Chateau Versailles, as i turned 26 and nothing is for free for me anymore. After that, we decided to take some Instagrammable pictures in front of the Palace. And that’s the moment when somebody asked me in Romanian if i am SWEET PAPRIKA. And her name was Tatiana and she is one of the loveliest persons i’ve met. Needless to say this was very unexpected and surprising. You might think i’m used to this, i must say that you are not aware of your power in social media until this things happen.  So is wasn’t just working in Versailles she is also a photographer in Paris. You can see more of her work here. As you might imagine, i was very pleased to accept to take some photos together before i left my favourite city.

And this is just a small part of my 3 days adventure.

Stay tuned to see more. Including… vlogs!



Photos: Tatiana Anton

In case you were wondering what i was wearing:

Vintage Batique

NAKD patent coat

Aldo Oliede patent boots

Chloe bag from Soleshop

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