Let’s face it,

In Romania we’ve just borrowed Halloween, because one of our favourite things is to celebrate whatever, whenever with whoever.

I’ve never had to trick or treat somebody, never went from door-to-door, never had kids at my door asking for candies. This happens on Christmas night and they have to sing me a carol.

I think i am part of the first generation to experiment this holiday. I found out about it thanks to my English teacher, when i was 8. Until 1998 my mom had no idea about this holiday, nor did the other members of the family. It was just something cool to celebrate and American enough for an Eastern European small country, so we started to carve pumpkins and get dressed in witches for our Halloween parties in school.

And here i am, years later, a grown-up woman that doesn’t want to wear wicked costumes. I don’t want to be dressed in anything scary, or funny, i just wanted to stay classy and sassy in my own way.

Funny fact, here’s something i found on internet:

“The second you stop wearing kid-friendly costumes and start buying short dresses to mimic a Playboy bunny, don’t even bother going door-to-door. Because mothers around the neighborhood probably won’t be on board with your costume.”

I’m not planning to go door-to-door. Internet is enough for me. And thankfully there are more mommies watching me here than anywhere else. I have a message for them. Roleplaying in a Murmur satin sculpt bodysuit is always a good idea. Doesn’t matter if it is Halloween or Valentine’s day or you’ve just decided to wear it as a top with a pair of jeans.

Don’t forget about your dark, red side.

Let it burn!

Show it!

And trick or treat whoever you want to!

Don’t forget “to cat your eyes”!



directed by Iuliana Cristina Popescu

mua: Ioana Cristea

MURMUR red sculpt bodysuit

Ethereal bridal accessories.