Cateyes, dots, stilletoes, clips earrings, 50s hairdo  & full skirts …these are the ingredients of my feminine style.

I think that the most important thing about personal style is to know what suits you better . Of  course i’m not always a 100% Hepburn walking on the street, i do like some of the nowadays pieces, but i don’t identify myself with them. There is something extremely funny & chic about dressing up like that.

I remember the first time i’ve dressed one of my friends in one of the 50’s dresses from my first collection ever. She smiled & she said : I FEEL LIKE A GIRL! She’s always hiding her small waist & big boobs  in loose clothes & she’s more into wearing pants than skirts. And for her it was a real joy to discover how feminine she was in fact.

You know, recently i’ve noticed an interesting fact. The women that fight for feminist causes, are more likely to dress in pants than in skirts. I’m not absurd, i’m wearing pants too -btw thanks COCO for that! – but it’s just a paradox to see that the women that fight a lot for their rights against men are actually extremely manly. Sometimes i get the impression that they fight for being a man themselves. But are they aware of the side effects? I’ve been to Strasbourg in May and i’ve seen a lot of men that were not helping their women with the groceries, i’ve seen women building their own stands in “village de la mode”, carrying boxes and men staying hand-crossed near them. I’ve asked some volunteers to help me to carry my collection in the backstage…but they have just finished their program so i had to carry 30 kilos by myself ( and i weigh 45). In a gentlemen’s world, that would have never happened.  And they were all young & strong enough to help me. I’ve talked to some romanian girls that live there & they explained that unfortunately this is what happens in the west nowadays. They just didn’t help me, because they are used not to do it. You know there is something very sad about these changes. The empowerment of women, doesn’t give us the opportunity to be women anymore. Gentlemen are not opening our doors anymore, because we shouted too loud : ” I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF!”.  There is a fine line between fighting for our equal rights & the destruction of our gendre.  I think that we’ve  fought so much to get the right to rule a country & be a CEO for a company, that they got the impression that we don’t need any help at all. Some of them feel useless in this cases, but most of them feel very comfortable & spoiled thanks to that, and in the end we’re still the ones that are losing the game . Still, somehow after all those decades of hard-work & changes “it is a man’s world” & “isn’t it ironic, don’t you think”?

I’m married & i’m raising a little man for 17months in my house. I consider myself a strong woman but I’m not going to let them have the impression that i can do it all anymore.  It’s just not fair! I can change a light bulb by myself, but i just consider that it’s my husband’s job to do it.  So i will answer you the question i’ve asked you in the title. I am a feminist, but i’m not going to give a man the privilege to feel like a woman too.

I want to be spoiled! I want to wear dresses &  I ‘d kill to see a man kissing a hand of a lady, on the street, in 30 years from now. I promise you girls,  i’ll do my best as a mother to raise that man in my house.

Until than, stay strong & wear dresses.






I was wearing :

a 50s dress that i’ve created thanks to that vintage collar. I’ve inherited it from my 83 year old neighbour. By the way it is her birthday totday! The truth is that you can have this dress, i can create it & you can make an order here: contact@sweetpaprika.ro, but you will have it with a simple white collar .

heels – Cristina Maxim

vintage clips

cateyes from RESERVED




Photo: Cosmina Contu