I will start with a note: I can’t believe that i did that make-up all by myself.
Not that i’ve reminded you about the Celine Dion’s song ” All by myself”, i have to tell you that earlier today…while i was listening to a vinyl disc on my pick-up…i started to hear a song that reminded me perfectly of this hit. So earlier today, i found out that actually that song was inspired by Rahmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor….& Now a round of applause for my EARS:))

Of course you’re not here to read this non-useful informations. Most likely you’re here to get some inspiration from my winter outfits. And God knows how hard it is to look great during winter. The truth is that you won’t be able to wear a leather jacket, while it’s snowing outside without freezing to death. Of course it wasn’t such a big deal for me to look like this while i was posing in the snow for a few minutes, but you can’t wear this on the street on a daily basis, without getting a pneumonia or sth. But if you have a car or you can afford a taxi, if you have an important meeting, an event to attend or a cocktail party… you can try to get inspired from my look.
I have to admit that i started to create this look from the necklace. Actually that beautiful necklace..is composed from 2 identical bracelets, i found them at PROMOD & i think i did a great thing putting them together. And that’s a new reason for me to love wearing twin bracelets…you can get a new necklace anytime! You should try that too!
The faux beige fur did a great thing in completing the Mango jacket & all the other credits are going to that beautiful elegant snow that surrounded me and the eyes of the photographer.
I started to collaborate with Cosmina Contu for my street fashion photos and i am very thankful to her for all this beautiful portraits. She’s doing her best in her job, including editing the scars left behind by my skin problems & freezing with me in the most elegant way:)) .
Hope you enjoyed spending your time on my blog !


I was wearing: MANGO faux leather jacket – bought it on sale for only 89,90 Ron – i’m a Lucky Bastard, but you can be too …shop it here!
Vintage fur collar from Alina Ceusan – have no idea where she got it from…but she gave it to me! Thank youuu!
Silver Dress from Sweet Paprika – created it last summer didn’t put it on sale on my shop…want it? Contact me!
Over-the-knee boots – Hannami shoes
Bracelets as a Neckalce – Promod

Photo: Cosmina Contu

oH and voila…Rahmaninov’s concert…the one that was copied by Eric Carmen and that created that ALL BY MYSELF hit of Celine Dion, everybody knows! And that’s how you turn classic music into the best modern hits.