2 years ago i was in London for Fashion Week.
My ex came to London from Vancouver to surprise me. I have met him after 2 years on the platform in the subway.
It was as if i haven’t seen him for 5 minutes.
It was Valentine’s day and I have never seen so many drunken people at 22:00 pm on the streets, in the subway, in pubs in my entire life. Love in London ends up with girls throwing up on the streets while wearing sandals and ponchos with extremely revealing dressed on – 10 degrees. “Strong girls” i thought!
After 2 days, on the 16 th, Patrick proposed with a plastic fake engagement ring. I accepted and i’ve found it quiet funny.
The next day, we went to search for a real ring. I’ve tried different ones, couldn’t find my size and eventually we decided to buy a ring from Accessorize. It was a silver ring, it cost him 14 £. I chose it myself and it was still too big for me.
You see, i’ve never been a diamond kind of girl. We saw the movie “Blood diamond”, long time ago. He knew i’d never wear a diamond.

That’s the short story of my Engagement. That’s how we love.