I keep on wearing bodycon dresses since i have boobs. I figured out that i finally have some curves, quite boyish…but still they are curves.

I never thought that i would wear velvet shoes. Needless to say that on the muddy streets of Bucharest they are everything but practical. Autumn days in Bucharest, are rainy, muddy and basically all you’ll ever need is rain boots and black military boots. Something to keep you away from all that dirt.

Yet we’re lucky to have a sunny, warm september with perfect velvet mornings. The temperature is still perfect for you summer sandals and you can still sunbathe at the beach. Yet, i like to pay respect to every season’s beauty, so i’ve started to take my mid-season heels out.

Today i wanted to show you how to wear something that will both show some respect to the season you’re living now, without having to freeze early in the morning, when you’re going out, or sweat till your soul dries out, during the day – when the sun is still having the power !

Some tips:

Try to keep your outfit safe by wearing the same colour from head to toes.

Spice it up by wearing different fabrics & textures.

Velvet goes perfectly with tweed, sequins, cotton, wool and leather…and most of all you should consider to wear it with CORDUROY. ( stofa din reiat rom. si da cica…e “reiat” nu “raiat.”)

Wearing: Corduroy dress – trifted

Tezyo velvet heels.

Photo: Colina Florentina

Mua: Sabina Lipenschi