Secrets could never be rushed. They had to come of their own accord, on their own schedule. That way ,when they came , the offered themselves as a gift.

I was always asked to keep secrets. And these are the most valuable gifts in my existence. During my life i’ve become the confident of so many people, that i reached the conclusion that i was sent here to listen. I’m never keeping secrets about myself, i’m always there to become someones secret keeper. That is my destiny.  My soul hides their stories and my mouth speaks only about mine. Oh yes, i can’t help myself from telling you everything  about my soul. I am an open book, i always was.

I was asked if it isn’t consuming, to listen, to be an empath, to keep my mouth shut? No, their energy charges my batteries, their words feed my curiosity. Their stories help me to direct movies in my head, they inspire me, they make me wiser.

But their stories…oh well, they have left marks on my soul and i decided to show you their beauty on the outside. That’s the only way i’ll ever speak about them.


I hide in my soul everything that doesn’t need to be talked about, and you might have the key to open it!

When ?


Come meet me and i might keep your secret.



artists behind the full body henna tattoo: Colina Florentina, Catalin 

photo: Dinu Atanasov