Rainy days come in black and WHITE for me, even if sometimes i try to compesate the absence of sun with a lot of colours & prints.
It is said that some people feel the rain while others just get wet. I prefer to think that i belong to the first team. Not that i’m not obsessed with sun, summer & heat, but somehow i started to love the rainy days because they are a “PAUSE” button for me.
When you work for yourself, you tend to have an extremely busy schedule. Even if you have the impression that a freelancer, can decide to have a break whenever he wants, the truth is we have NO vacation.
A freelancer has to make a double work to keep up with the rest of the businesses that are on the market. I’m referring now at my mum business, my blog business & my clothing brand, sometimes it all becomes an overload of work. And when i feel that it’s just too much too handle, i’m praying for rain…because sometimes when it rains outside, i decide to stay at home, cook sth. for him, play with my kid & just give up on everything i had to work for, even if it is a crazy MONDAY & i have to work double the next day.
OF course, a rainy day is not an excuse. Now, don’t imagine that you will never see me walking down the street with my high heels on, during a rainy day. What i’ve told you before are extremely rare & beautiful days. Usually during a rainy day i’m all dressy, sometimes in white or yellow, or wearing my red rainboots trying to conquer the world in the classiest way possible, despite all the mess that happens around me.
Because rain is now an excuse, it is actually the reason why i take a break or wear a white coat.


I was wearing: Vintage hat
Zara coat from @Ilikeoutlet
Hannami shoes
Vintage gloves

Photo: Cosmina Contu