10 years ago i’ve found my partner in crime. Since then we’re constantly having a battle for supremacy. I think we’re doing it just for fun, because the truth is we’re equal in rights & duties.

It is said that people are attracting each other thanks to their pheromones. Internet defines pheromones as ” a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species.” I think i found my favourite type of pheromone and i married it.  Needless to say that during our relationship we have been apart more than half of the time, because we were having an ocean between us, literally.  We were exchanging small bottles of our favourite fragrances because it was the best way to feel each other closer.” Of the five senses, smell is one with the best memory.” If you have ever loved, you know what i am talking about.

We have both fallen for TOM FORD fragrances for a while, because he had the power to unify men & women like no one else before. Brought the Ying & Yang back together with his series of Unisex fragrances. We’ve become one and we’re sharing the power.

Nowadays we’re sharing NOIR ANTHRACITE, the new fragrance by TOM FORD and my favourite perfume for the last 4 years – PLUM JAPONAIS.

Noir Anthracite smells like power and silence. Like the dark smell of silence in an autumn evening after the rain has fallen in the big city. Sounds poetical, but this is the feel i get. Also it smells like seduction. Like the man i love. Truth is, it is more manly than you can imagine, but i use it too because i have to feed my excess of testosterone too. TOM FORD NOIR ANTHRACITE reflects the light in the dark, featuring the brilliance of bergamot and spice against rich black woods such as cedarwood, macassar and santal Sri Lanka.

Plum Japonais on the other hand, has become my favourite fragrance during the cold season. It smells like the dark burgundy colour and like the plum jam that my grandmother was making in my childhood. She used to cook it outside, in a wood fire. When i first discovered this fragrance at my cousin, I asked her if this reminded her about that smell of burned wood and boiling sweet plums. She smiled, she remembered it. Nostalgia and pure happiness wears this perfume. Obviously, plum jam is still my favourite.

I will end this story suddenly, with a quote…
“The head never rules the heart, but just becomes its partner in crime.”


Gabriela & Patrick


PHOTO: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

Hair: Mihai Badin – Artist Salon & Academy

MUA: Andreea Pasca

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