I’ve never visited Milan.

I haven’t been to a  major Fashion Week in the last 2 years.

I used this two arguments to persuade my team to book our tickets a few weeks ago for 21st of February  for Milano Fashion Week.

Meanwhile i’ve finished a new capsule collection for AW 2017-2018 so i kinda’ had to bring it in the light and show it to the entire world. Fashion Week is always a good idea if you have at least 10 % of the “attention whore” syndrome. I’ve never denied it,  so here i am showing off my 60’s melon yellow coat, my highwaisted slim pants and the 50’s brallette created from an old moldavian carpet.

The Garkony yellow shoes have saved my days so far here in Milan, because they are truly the only comfortable shoes i’ve taken with me in this trip. Besides it looks as if they have been created in collaboration with Sweet Paprika as they match perfectly with my coat.

As you might already know, i am obsessed with colour symmetry so i’ve found the perfect amount of blue in my top to match the Enzo Bertini bag.

This was the first look i wore on 21st of February and i have begun my Fashion Week with the Cristiano Burani show.

You can see a few snaps from this show on my Instagram account here and here. I promise i will show you more after my return in Bucharest, as i will make a few videos for my Youtube channel. So stay tuned for more.

As for today i wish you a lot of Love and sunshine as we’re celebrating the Dragobete in Romania. It is our own version for Valentine’s day and i will write a post about it very soon!



Make-up by : Andreea Pasca

Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu


I was wearing:

SWEET PAPRIKA Limoncello coat,

SWEET PAPRIKA Slimy  hightwaisted  pants

SWEET PAPRIKA Molda brallete

 available in pre-order

ENZO BERTINI bag – shop here

GARKONY   YOUNG Limoncello shoes –shop  here