You know that feeling when the weather outside is cloudy and rainy and all you need is just a little dose of colour and light?

It happened on the first day of “Milano Fashion Week?. We’ve arrived in Milan on a very sunny day and we were optimistic that we will be able to wear all our colourful outfits. But the very next day it was impossible to spot a ray of light on the sky. Still, that didn’t stop me from trying to bring back the sun. So i covered myself in the most colourful pieces. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  The sun eventually replied to my “colourful clothing incantation” in the afternoon.

I had no invitation for the Gucci show, but at least i tried to pay some credit with a 70-ish mix-up to the glory of the new chaotical, eccentric and eclectic Gucci era, with my street-style outfit. Alina and Carmen helped me a lot with their match outfits.

Garkony shoes and bags helped me to bring spring back with a bunch of daisies. You can’t possibly not fell in love with that bucket bag and those sandals from the new collection. It’s as if you are wearing spring! Ever since i saw those sandals, i knew i would have to search for a pair of yellow tights to match the daisies.

The look was completed by my SWEET PAPRIKA 60’s Nylon coat and the new Silver Mini Dress from the up-coming collection. Both products can be found in my showroom.

Nethertheless, Andreea Pasca is responsible for my 60’s make-up. You know, when i was a kid i remember that all the old women in Chisinau were wearing deep green or light blue make-up mixed with a strong pink lipstick. It was as if they were stuck in their 20’s. Later i ‘ve discovered that they actually couldn’t give up on the 60’s trends that they have experienced in their youth. It has become their signature and yes i wanted to pay them some credit!

Hope that this look persuaded you to put on some colours today and help me to bring spring on the streets!









Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu







I was wearing:  Vintage Sunglasses

                             SWEET PAPRIKA light blue 60’s Nylon Coat

                             SWEET PAPRIKA silver dress

                             Garkony Daisy bucket bag

                             Garkony Daisy sandals