The fifth day of Milan Fashion Week was sunnier than I would have expected, so I couldn’t be happier, taking into consideration that I had my last show to attend here. I put on my vintage cat-eye sunglasses, the colorful deux-pièces which belongs to the Sweet Paprika new collection, took my team and headed over to the Laura Biagiotti show.

I was mesmerized within the first seconds of its start. The models were gracefully stepping down the catwalk, wearing these dainty, chiffon dresses. The print of them looked as if it were cut out of the ceiling of the Versailles Palace (You’ll see what I mean in the pictures below). In the meantime, soft knitted pieces in the colour of a cloudy sky were a beautiful reminder that you can be warm and cozy during the fall/winter days, while still looking classy. From this part of the collection, my favourite outfit might have been the “Sky of Versailles” satin suit, as I like to call it.

The glorious ruffles and lace are a must of the following season, from what I’ve seen, so, as you might predict, I was totally attracted to the white assemblage. Furthermore, words cannot explain the feeling that the floral patterns gave me. They immediately transported my spirit into an autumnal scenery, a garden in the middle of a forest with brown leaves falling and covering the cold ground. And when I was taking a stroll through it, I fell into a hole, just like Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” did. And at the end of it, there were the people from Louis the XIVth court, wearing their majestic baroque imprinted coats and suits, only taken to another level, to the modernity. And because I like to develop stories by my rules, I couldn’t leave out the beloved Sweet Paprika red. Such a delightful presence for my eyes was it, with all of the diversity of materials and prints.

Nevertheless, I say that the Laura Biagiotti Fall-Winter 2017/2018 show lit up in me the wish to bring a more theatrical essence to my style, even more than I have done before.

Abbracci e baci,




Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_07P1000947-1-1024x769Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_09

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_11Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_13Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_14Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_21Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_22Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_28Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_33Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_47Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_55

Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_36Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_38Laura Biagiotti_F_W17_39

Street Style Photo: Cosmina Contu

Photo of Versailles’ ceiling

Photos from the show sent via e-mail

I was wearing:

SWEET PAPRIKA deux-pièces from the new collection

ALDO shoes

Enzo Bertini bag