Looking back over my shoulder, i can see that 2017 has come to its last hours.

I cannot recall the NYE party i had last year. I don’t remember what was my midnight wish. I just know that i wrote to myself a note and hided it in an envelope. It said: “Don’t stop until you get enough!” One of my favourite Michael Jackson songs and probably the most motivational line i’ll ever get from someone.

So i haven’t stopped.  I’ve pushed my limits once again and i feel like i worked this year more than ever. Haven’t worked for the money though, worked for my own selfesteem, my own will to be better, to learn and offer more to the people that surround me. The only thing that obsesses me is that i need to take everything from my life. I want to live every second of it, every moment and feel every drop of it. Later, i will write a post with the BEST MOMENTS of 2017, today i will just say that i am grateful that i lived a multifunctional, multitasking year.

As an artist i am always seeking for inspiration, as an optimist i always try to see the bright side and as an workaholic i am very pleased to tell you that i always find time to stop and thank the universe both for my wins and my losses for my laughs and for my tears.

Tomorrow, i will stop again look around, look inside myself and i will write down everything  from 2017,  that doesn’t have to be forgotten. I dare you!

And as for the resolutions?

I think i will  put on repeat the Michael Jackson song.


And…a very funny and creepy fact that i just noticed while i was looking at the pictures above -> The TRAMWAI has the code B 02591. That’s actually my date of birth. 25 th of JUNE fucking ’91! Ain’t that a Matrix coincidence?





And the love for this post goes to :

photo: Iuliana Crstina Popescu

mua: Andreea Pasca



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