and it matches my love story…






I used to be against the idea of decorating my home for Christmas from the beginning of December. But lately, i just figured out that it is a pity to have Christmas only for a few days in your home & around you. So i’ve started to enjoy the idea of having Cristmas in my house as long as December wants to stay with us.
Needless to say, when December begins, i already start planning what to wear for the holidays. And it’s not only about me, i also have to plan my husband’s looks.
This year we will celebrate 10 years from our first kiss and i must tell you that we haven’t had the opportunity to spend all the Christmas holidays together. Most of the time we have been in a long-distance relationship. I was asked recently what was the most romantic gift he has ever offered me. In December 2009, 10 days before Christmas, he knocked at my door. He came from Vancouver, Canada to spent his winter holidays with me. It was one the most beautiful mornings in my life.
I remember when during that winter we started coordinating our outfits for special occasions. Fortunately, our tastes in terms of fashion are compatible. We are both having the feeling of being born in the wrong era, so we are trying as much as possible to adapt nowadays fashion to our own rules.
It was easy to play this game with the new Lee Cooper winter collection items. If you are also fond of matching your partner’s outfit, you should know that you will easily find matching sweaters, shirts and jeans in any Lee Cooper store.
Lee Cooper actually looks a lot like Christmas. To begin with, they are having in common the same colours, red & white. So i just think it was meant to be!

So, in case you haven’t figured out your vacation wardrobe, or you simply haven’t found the gift that your loved one deserve, you might just consider to get inspired from our looks.

When it comes to winter i always prefer to have warm, comfy items easy to wear anywhere. Personally i’d never say “No” to a sweater or a cardigan when it comes to freezing cold. So does Patrick! As you can see we are both fond of layering :  V-neck sweaters over shirts, Cardigans over sweaters, Wool jackets over silky items and colour matching obsession. Just to make myself clear –  You’ll never see us wearing a t-shirt during winter !

We have prepared for you a few look ideas matched with different occasions you might experience during this holiday season.

1.The Christmas party

In case you are invited to a party , you want to keep yourself warm but you also want to stay classy, go for a pencil skirt and a blouse that follows the line of your curves. Don’t forget to stay warm with a wool cardigan and to keep your man’s look sharp 7 matchy. It might be suited for an office party too. Also you will want to show off at his parents house with a skirt that is long-enough. Especially if it is the first time you will meet his family at a dinner party.






2. The  Special Invitation

When you just want to surprise your loved one with a date. Dinner,  Theatre, Cinema, Opera, Concert…you decide what he/she loves more. This coordinated look is just a proof that a jacket can change everything. Also when you feel that #LondonIsInOurJeans, don’t forget to mix it with tweed for a more british inspired look.






3. The Lazy lovers

One of our favourite things during the Christmas holidays is to stay inside. I think you can relate to the following scenario: fireplace, candles, cookies, hot cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, smell of oranges and cinnamon,  a blanket, a good old movie and the lights of the Christmas tree. Comfy sweaters and jeans are everything you’ll need in order to cuddle on your couch all day long.



4. The Busy Christmas Bees

When you have to finish the decorating process, or you have to shop for a christmas tree, or maybe you have just forgotten to get a gift for somebody, or maybe you want to visit the Christmas market.  As long as it happens outside stay warm in your coat!




Whatever you’ll be wearing, don’t forget to  Feel the love & Spread the Joy for a very, very Merry Christmas in two!



Lee Cooper campaign created with:

The Husband: Patrick Popa

MUA: Ioana Cristea

Hair: Mihai Badin

Photo:  Alex Sacalu

Video : Iuliana Cristina Popescu

bakerhats: SWEET PAPRIKA here & here.