Yes..i still have a lot of things to tell you from my Milan Fashion Week experience.

One of the finest shows i’ve attended during this Fashion Week was Laura Biagiotti’s. I’ve written already about the show here and i invite you to taste her new collection with your eyes.  It was a pure delight.

Still i had no time to show you what i have done after the show.

There is always time for a Caffe Latte & a Biscotto in Italy, so i tried to enjoy them as much as possible. These pictures were taken especially because it was the only time we had sunshine in the morning and it was actually warm enough to enjoy your coffee outside.

It was still February, but it was the first day of Spring for me.

And as i try to #BRINGSPRING in our showroom this week,  i decided to inspire you with this outfit post.

In case you want to join our Showroom Relaunch this Thursday, you must know that the dress code sounds like this : ” Wear your spring!”

You decide your colours.

Until then i must leave you with my fancy deux-piece from my new “CALIENTE”  collection and my matching Enzo Bertini bag.

and i will return to my non-fashionable look today, as i am planning to paint some stuff in pink in the showroom!

…I have to do it all!

Sip from that latte! Bite that Cookie!



i was wearing:


ALDO red heels

Enzo Bertini blue bag

photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

mua: Andreea Pasca