I know it has been a while since you’ve seen the 60’s version of me.

But as i am soon launching  my new collection – that btw includes that limoncello coat & the dotted pencil skirt dress – i’ve decided i should show you how i planned to mix & match them since the first sketch.

You see,  i am never creating a piece if i don’t see its utility in a woman’s wardrobe. For example, by “utility of a dress”  i mean that it might work with any of your shoes, or bags or jackets and it can be easily worn on different occasions.

I’ve ended my first Fashion Week in Milan with the same coat as i’ve started it, only that i’ve worn it in a totally different way. Thus, i’ve accomplished my mission to show you that it can be worn simply in a modern , minimalist way -> like  i did it here  and in the most elegant, lady-like way possible as i did it in the pictures above.

I’ve ended my Milan Fashion Week with 2 cups of ice-cream  – pistachio + biscotto.  True fact : The other one in the photo belonged to the photographer.  It was actually the only ice-cream i’ve had during the entire fashion week. God knows why i’ve done this mistake, as it tastes like pure gold & 3 orgasms.

As the idea is to talk more about my fashion week experience i will try to sum it up. I don’t believe in: “Fake it ’till you make it!” so i will stay true, telling you random stuff behind the scenes.

  •  During the entire Fashion Week i’ve attended only 5 shows:

Cristiano Burani

Atsuki Nakashima

Ermano Scervino

Elisabetta Franchi

Laura Biagiotti.

and 2 showroom visits.

  • I have changed in this look in a bathroom, in the small bar i ‘ve posted about  in the previous post – click here. I am a master of disguise and packing. You wouldn’t believe what you can find in my bags. In case you don’t believe me, ask any of my companions. They will confirm you the level of my skills after 7 fashion weeks. I did this because i didn’t want to lose any more time going back to my flat.
  •  We’ve shared an AirBnb apartment. In pictures it looked much better than in reality. My favourite thing about it were the interior stairs. They actually led to Iuliana’s small room and i used to call her Rapunzel, during our stay in that flat, due to her very long braids.
  • I had the most awful carbonara  in my life in Milan, very close to Duomo. They had put a lot of curry in it for no real… normal reason.  Yes it was Indian Carbonara in the centre of Milan for 14 Euros.
  • I had a one hour trip with an old tram and i have seen the entire city through it.
  • I got drunk from 2 glasses of wine and then i’ve found a vintage shop, and i’ve almost spent all my money. Wine & Vintage is a very dangerous thing for me. Thank God i had my girls with me.
  • I haven’t bought any gifts for my child from Milan. It is tacky, but true. The gifts were bought in the Duty Free Shop  in the Airport.
  • I’ve spoken more in romanian than in any other language, and it was very unusual for me as i was used to being alone and meet new people at the fashion weeks.
  • The pizza was divine.
  • No model has fallen during the shows i’ve attended.
  • After Elisabetta Franchi show, i couldn’t fall asleep for a long time as i was mesmerized and extremely inspired. The girls couldn’t bear my enthusiasm anymore. When i’m felling in love with a collection…i am describing it in too many sentences.
  • I had 9 pairs of shoes with me, and all of them had heels or platforms. I shall never do this again. You do need a pair of flats when you’re doing the groceries.
  • I was not impressed by the street style in Milan.
  • The people are starring more in Milan than in Paris. I felt like i was on the streets of Bucharest…they had the same level of gossiping & starring.
  • My luggage had 90 % of its pieces designed & crafted in Romania and it made me very proud to tell this to every photographer/ blogger or journalist that was documenting the brands after taking a picture of me.

I wanted them to remember me…as i am not planning to return soon in Milan. I wanted to be a lady to remember, and i hope that this look has done its job.



photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

mua: Andreea Pasca

I was Wearing: Limoncello Coat

Dotted dress

Enzo Bertini bag

Enzo Bertini heels