You rarely, in the professional world, have the chance to express yourself as an individual. You have to obey to some rules. You have to be polite, respectful and swallow your words sometimes. This can hurt your inner peace and you might end up repressing yourself more than expressing yourself.

In the acting class, you’re trained to express yourself as much as you can. I remember my drama classes in highschool. It was my favourite part of the week. Comedia dell’ Arte, Improvisation and Absurd theatre, they have all helped me to build my creativity in the manner i am working and communicating today in social media and in real life. 

Now that i will turn 27 this year, i do realize that my body language has changed a lot. As you can imagine, even when i am dancing in the club i am not expressing myself as i did when i was 17. After giving birth, i remember how weird i felt in front of the camera or in front of an audience. I felt like i needed to cover myself, control my movements and i wasn’t feeling comfortable with practicing any kind of sports. That was stupid, because i had no extra kilos, and basically my body was curvier than ever. I got rid of all this weird acts of anxiety one year ago, when i decided to start a fitness program with my personal trainer, Iulian Dinu. It was not just a battle with my absolutely weak muscles, it has become a constant dose of wellbeing. Mostly because i got the attention i needed in order to have the best results. 

I had a pause after my breast augmentation surgery and now  i have started to move my rusty bones again!

Literally i’ve never felt better.

That’s why i decided that in order to move forward with all my work and my projects and crazy ideas i need to move my body too. I need to let it express itself. The force is within me and i just have to let it out. Sometimes it’s important to get out of that comfort zone and  try new things, and sometimes you can express yourself better.

I’ll always consider myself an artist. I have chosen fashion, music, dance and painting as my ways of expression. I’m using the words for a classical way of communication, but this is not what i was always good at.  So i decided to go back to what really made me happy when i was a kid : MTV, my mom’s deodorant instead of a microphone, a scarf worn as a dress and,k of course, a mirror…so i could imagine myself being a part of that videoclip. I tell you, internet has never seen so many performances as my mirror did.

I learned that music should be fun and should be a way to express yourself – that there aren’t really any rules. So now i sing. I am not planning to hide this anymore.

I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear. 

Dance is a great way to express yourself. Unfortunately i had only 2 years of dance classes when i was only 9- 10 years old. I wish i wasn’t so lazy back then and learned more moves.

As for my painting classes, oh well i am a teacher now for my 3 year old son. We paint a LOT!

But in order to activate all of my creativity, i am practicing sports 2 times a week. This is what makes me move fast forward to everything i dream and desire. That is worth every penny and minute of my early mornings.

One of my dreams was to recreate the Audrey Hepburn photos from Funny Face. You really can’t imagine how many times i’ve tried together with Iuliana to get the best shot. Of course, Audrey was a former ballerina so probably it was easier for her, but still all those perfectly timed poses…are incredibly hard to recreate. This we can tell you for sure!

Anyhow i had a short fringe and yes i have cut my hair in order to recreate these looks. This is how obsessed i was with it!

Also in the end i decided to mix my love for Audrey Hepburn’s “FUNNY FACE” with my absolute mad fascination towards  the song  of  Annie Lennox – Little Bird.

 Iuliana Popescu, is not only a witness she is the reason why you can see all this happening. I mean really, Richard Avedon should applaud her photographic performance. She is constantly consuming my craziness and i am very thankful for her patience.

If you want to consume it too,  you can see my performance in front of the mirror on my youtube channel:



Thank you for being part of my audience,