Who cares if you have blue blood? How would your DNA be different from the others? Wearing a crown doesn’t make you a Unicorn.
I adored history & in all the centuries that mankind has ever lived, royal people were just as mortal as their slaves. The best they could have ever achieve was mummification. Moreover, there were so many princesses & queens & kings that lost their thrones for nothing, that i almost felt pity for them. Probably what i like the most about nowadays society, is that you can assume being whatever you want, including a queen. Nobody will behead me for entering a Palace while wearing a wheat golden crown. Nobody will do anything to me if i would buy my own throne & sit in it daily in my house.
Royalty nowadays is something you can achieve by your own lifestyle. And believe me, i prefer to be the Queen in my small little kingdom than to rule the entire world. We even named our kid “Erik”, which in viking meant “prince”. So basically i am a queen because i know my place in my king’s heart & i’m raising a prince. Besides i have my white throne in Noblesse Palace in Bucharest & i visit it constantly, whenever I want to escape the random big city world. It’s not about wanting too little from this life, it’s just that sometimes I like to scape my apartment in breath for a while in a Palace. Plus I don’t have to much space in my house right now, but maybe you are redecorating & you need a new Throne…si this might be a good tips.
The good thing about Noblesse Palace is that it is probably the only place in Bucharest, where you can actually buy your own throne & decorate your house with all that a queen or a king desires. All the pieces of furniture that are exposed in this Palace are for sale & some of them can even be custom-made.
I think you have all got at least once that feeling, when you entered a museum or a palace when you wanted to have an extraordinary piece, be able to buy it & see it daily in your house. Imagine that you can actually do that in Noblesse Palace. For some of you it might just be a dream, that finally comes true.
As for me, I will continue to go constantly to all the events that are happening in this Palace & I will spam you with a lot of pictures that I ‘m going to take with every piece of art that is in that place,(including the walls & the doors) because everytime I enter in it I find something new & beautiful & I am sure that I will never get bored of that place.
Plus, you have to know that me & my sister have created a collection of digital printed clothes & you can actually see them now during Romanian Design Week, exposed in Noblesse Palace, until 5th of June. The pieces where designed by me & all the prints are actually watercolour paintings created by my 10 year old sister.
Yes this is how we prefere to rule the world as princesses & queens…with a lot of art & creativity.
So, I know where is my throne & my place … but do you, my Queen?


Photo: Cosmina Contu
Hair: Mihai Badin
MUA: Andreea Pasca

Location: Palatul Noblesse

I was wearing : Katerinimou crown
MARA cotton knitted skirt
Aldo Shoes
My brother’s shirt
My husband’s socks