I am a dog person and i have adopted a cat. That’s the last thing i needed in my life, i’m already responsible for being a wife, a mom, for taking care of a house, a showroom, a blog & my life…yet i figured out that i still have a lot of love to give, so i decided to have a cat. I always considered myself a dog lover, because i find them funnier & more devoted & caring. My husband is also a dog person, we even had the opportunity to have a Shi Tzu long before we decided to get married & have a baby. I always considered that cats are extremely bitchy & i couldn’t have imagined to be under the same roof with somebody that shares this “quality” with me!  Yet, 2016 has ended with a surprise.  I don’t know if it’s because i was in that “extra-estrogen” time of the month, but when i’ve found this cat in my parents building, hiding in a box in front of a neighbour’s door, i felt the need to give it a home! Her story is quite sad & my mom who is an absolute animal lover has presented it in the style of a Soap opera script.

A neighbour decided to have a cat, most probably because his wife left him – btw that happened due to his constant acts of domestical violence. As you can imagine this cat was most probably abused several times before being thrown away. When asked, he said that she was peeing in his flowers constantly. Needless to mention that i have her for more than a week and she is extremely neat & clean.  Looking back that was definitely the best thing that could have ever happen to her. Another neighbour, who has found her in the flat, was constantly feeding her & even improvised “a house” from a box for her.  If you’re asking why she couldn’t keep her? Well she already had 2 cats, so it was quite difficult to live with 3 of them. Plus, it would have easily become a love triangle because the other ones where a pair. As i was saying…”una telenovela”!

So when my Christmas visit to my parents was over & i was going down the stairs with all my luggage, i stopped for a moment & looked in that box. In that moment, i was able to only see her light green eyes, i had no idea if she had all her paws and i haven’t seen her properly anyway. But those eyes were enough both for me & Patrick to ask my mom to do all the talks with the neighbours & send her to Bucharest the next day.

She had already a “SPA” visit to the Vet,  she is more than loved & spoiled by the 3 of us & all our friends.

Both me and Patrick are googling a lot nowadays to learn stuff about cats, because none of us had a cat before, so we had no idea how to take care of her. If you are a cat owner feel free to share your experience with us, to give us tips ; tricks…we will be more than happy to learn from you!

I wanted to call her “Audrey”, because both of them have green eyes, than i wanted to call her “cat”  like Holly’s pet from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” …but then i heard my son bumbling “Looli” “Luli” Luli-lilu” while playing, and i decided that “Lilu” would be a perfect name that Erik could actually pronounce at his age. I also love the fact that Erik calls her name with a very weird french accent ” Li Lu”, i have to do a vlog one day and show it to you!

       What i’ve re-learned at the end of 2016 thanks to Lilu? Never say never, always follow your instincts and judge every soul by it’s eyes… they never lie!’

Needless to say that this cat has actually lived her Christmas miracle.

That’s all folks…



I was wearing: Stradivarius pink velvet dress

Photos: Patrick Popa