Creating a work wardrobe that goes nicely with the seasons can be a little challenging and intimidating because work wardrobes are often defined by certain limits, especially if you’re working in a rather formal / corporate work space where you are expected to look nothing short of professional all the time.

Colour blocking might not be on your fall list of trends but when you’re not an ordinary woman you’re not wearing ordinary suits or colours.

Yet we have Butterum beige, Autumn maple & Grenadine red on our new pantone menu and this is a look that kind of respects it.

The cut of the pants & the beautiful tailored jacket are both created in Eva’s lab.

You should trie to wear something bright and fun under that blazer – if a blazer is a part of your everyday work wear, why not wear something bright and fun underneath it to add a tiny touch of spring to your look.

Mixing your suit or uniform with a statement accessory can change the boring mood of your daily look.

The  oversized yellow clutch can be found in our showroom on sale and the good thing about it is that you can actually put your laptop in it and go to work or to a meeting in style!

Don’t forget to wear bold heels for a very bold week.


Just posting this for the sake of Business luck in this new week!


Go…&  run the world girls!






Photo & edit: In the Dim Light  Iuliana Cristina Popescu.