At the end of  this summer I got infused in Greek feelings. The black SAMARO liquor has helped a lot! Samaro is a digestive drink obtained from maceration of green walnuts with agricultural grain alcohol and adding over 50 herbs and propolis. This drink is recommended in all stomach diseases, consumed in moderate amounts on an empty stomach and served cold. It a genuine romanian invention crafted by Distileriile Bran,

I’ve always had stomach problems so, that’s why i considered to drink a little bit of this infusion on a daily basis while i was on the boat. Needless to say that i had matched my drink with the INFSD solar rattlesnake swimsuit. It’s actually my favourite INFSD swimwear piece, especially because you can wear the top effortlessly with pants, shorts, skirts etc.

Fortunately. we have more that 25 * today in Bucharest, so for me SUMMER is still on and that’s why i keep on posting from our adventure in Cyclades, Greece.

As you might have seen on my Insta account, we’ve had a lot of parties in the middle of the sea during our sailing trip. Imagine 3 boats, united in the middle of the sea,   dancing to the hottest beats thanks to our DJ –  MARIO.

If you wanna taste the feeling of our vibe…you have to go #mangomanos next summer!

Until than, taste this tune:

It was constantly on repeat on our boat.



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