Festival season is approaching quickly and, although we still have some time to spend in the urban turmoil, we can dream about the time when we’ll have nothing with us, but the starry sky and the music to guide our souls. There’s something about the aura of the festival days that speaks to me as if it was based in the harmonious décor of the 1970s. It may be because of the people dancing around, releasing their best and worst feelings, happily sharing a state of mind that you can never encounter when trapped into the anguish of daily, almost robotic chores. Freedom seems to be the leitmotif of all their actions and behaviors, a freedom amplified by the rhythms of the music and, in most of the cases, the nature that surrounds them.

An incursion in history will evidentiate that, style wise, people let that freedom from within reflect through their clothes as well. They are there to share the passion for colour and diversity, to embrace their own selves and not be scared to show the entire world that they are made of stardust and good energy. The prints are bold, the big sleeves and the bell-bottom pants are covering the wounds left behind by the venom of the consumerist society and the flowers are proof that there is still hope, that beauty is always hidden in the smallest elements. Big sunglasses are hiding the dark circles, looking as if two eclipses decided to appear under their gleaming eyes. 

All that there is left for us, now, is to take our Volkswagen, paint in the chromatic of a beautiful rainbow and fill it with the persons that we care about the most and drive, guided by the sound of the music. 




Peace Out,