There are times when you find yourself staring into the void, not being able to sleep and reflecting on your most wonderful adventures. How flooded with the most magnificent emotions your soul was at the time. Oh, how you wish you could relive those moments over and over again.

When you exhausted everything that belongs to the past, it is time to be concerned about the future. You start setting goals, just like little flags that you will pick up on the road of life. Is it bad or good for the soul? Well, I would say it’s both. On the one hand, you start forgetting how to live in the present, to appreciate what has been given to you at this exact moment in time. But on the other, you have something glorious to be excited about. To lock it up in a box and hide it in the drawer of your mind and unlock it only when you feel like the entire world is crushing on your shoulders. Why did you do that? Because it brings you happiness and hope, it fills your heart with light and warmth.

Behind all of the chaos and madness, taking part in the Fashion Weeks is really a thing that brings you excitement. As bloggers, influencers and all the fashion enthusiasts are elegantly gracing on the Parisian pavement, the photographers work their magic alongside. It’s a spectacle of color, shows in tandem both on the inside and outside of the buildings. The Sweet Paprika team is more than ready to hit the road (or better said, the air), as Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks will be waiting at the end of February-beginning of March.

Bring it on!