I started blogging in 2010. I was 18 and i won a TV SHOPPING contest in Romania.It was called ” Shopping-ul pasiunea mea” (Shopping- my passion). Therefore, i began to feel secure about my style, my ideas of fashion and i decided to share them with people.

I’ve never imagined this will become a job. Never have i thought that somebody will pay me for my ideas.

8 years ago, we were not calling it social media.

8 years ago there were no contracts for romanian bloggers whatsoever.

8 years ago, they were laughing of us at events, nobody was taking our job too serious and definetely they were not investing in our articles.

8 years ago, there were no influencer agencies or microinfluencers . There was no Instagram.

8 years ago , your facebook posts were growing organically without any sponsors.

If i was to compare, i’d say it was cleaner back then. It was clear who’s having potential and who doesn’t. It was easier to decide what’s worth to be called an inspiration and what is a total chaos & kitsch in terms of style and fashion.

In the last 8 years it never occured to me that i want to IMPRESS somebody. The idea of “dress to impress” was never an option for me. I have enough self-esteem, i don’t need to impress anybody. What i am suffering of, is the constant need of expression. I do this both through my words and images.

I pose, i write, i talk, i create in order to IMPACT people. It is just something i need to give in return for everything i consumed in terms of art from other people. Music, Poetry, Photos, Films, everyhting i’ve ever done is because i was fed with it, it grew in me and it was hightime i gave it back.

I am not an influencer.

But i just want to be considered a human worth hearing, seeing, reading and meeting.

I just want to be worth your time. And i will do my best to deserve it.

When you’ll close this internet window, i want you to remember at least the dots i was wearing.

And if i will be lucky, i will change your point of view in terms of making an impact.

I can assure you, that the reason i have never stopped is because i had experienced the feeling of gratitude from other people. I have met people who told me they have give up on mathematics and have graduated businness schools in fashion, i have met people who have become photographers because i encouraged them. There are women who have given birth naturally, they felt stronger because i shared my words of empowerement with them. They have tried to be smart shoppers, conscious consumers because they entered a second hand shop.

This makes me feel alive. This is my fuel.

Love your love,



Ceci n’est pas un grain de beaute – That is not a mole. Tt was a huge pimple i decided to hide. That is how i created this fancy character.

photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

mua: Andreea Pasca

dress – vintage from Consignatia 7