“They wanna see you good, but never better than them. Remember that, my child.” My mom used to tell me this so often. Especially because i was born an empath and i used to be sad for everybody’s sadness, and happy for everyone’s happiness. Jealousy is a form of illness in my opinion, that’s why i’ve always ran away from possessive relationships. In my world there is sun for everybody so it was really hard for me to understand when people didn’t approve me in different small circles.  So i got used very fast with the idea of “not fitting in”. Not fitting in the bloggers world. Not fitting in the fashion business. Not fitting in the show-business, in music or theatre. Too many people smiling and talking about the one that sits next to them. Smiling and swearing your mother in their mind. You can see this in their eyes. Of course, if they have the guts to look into your eyes. That is why i was always there, always doing the job i love, but somehow always an outsider. 

Because i know that the moment i’m leaving the room, there will be people talking.

Now, that doesn’t make me feel nor good or bad.

At first it was annoying to hear that people consider me an arrogant bitch. Today  i just got used with the idea that this is their synonym for  what i call “my confidence ” and my stubborn way of expressing my point of view.

And then suddenly i felt nothing.

I guess this happens once you’re growing up.

You’re getting more & more close to your dogs and cats and you start talking less about yourself with other people.

And then you find yourself agreeing with Marilyn…

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

I might have adopted a cat one year ago, but i am still a dog person.

And if you wanna meet my new friends you have to make a reservation for a dreamy escape in the middle of nature at Hadar Chalet. You can get your overdose of silence there, get addicted and won’t even feel sorry for that.

And please try to cure your soul from bad vibes and thoughts. Doing and wishing good to the people around you, might be a miracle for your own karma.

There are only 7 days left until Christmas, maybe you should start thinking about what exactly your soul is offering to this world. After that, maybe  you will figure out if you deserve receiving a gift back.



photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

mua: Andreea Pasca

lace dress: Sweet Paprika 

location: Hadar Chalet