In order to Feel Feeric Fashion Week, you have to visit first the surroundings. I am happy to start my Monday in Sibiu, with my team. I decided to post this before the fashion shows begin in Sibiu, just to show you that i like to celebrate things before i start doing them. Maybe i feel that because of my moldavian roots, because we always find things to celebrate. I don’t know…but who cares? What is important is that we had a wonderful dinner @La Placinte, a restaurant with Moldavian authentic cuisine, located in the centre of Sibiu.
Also it is very important that my Perspective Jacket created by Florina Cimpoeru, matched perfectly with all this situation.

My family taught me that it’s not ok to celebrate things by yourself. I am not alone here, i have my team with me :
Dinu Atanasov – my cousin, studies Film & Theatre in Moldova at the Arts Academy & he is responsible for all the “Purple Production” Video materials i will post from Feeric Fashion Week.
Cosmina Contu – is working with me for over 6 months for all the photographical evidence you see on my blog daily. As you can imagine, she couldn’t have missed the Feeric Fashion Week ! Also she is responsible for feeding me constantly :))

Now, click play & enjoy.



I was wearing: Florina Cimpoeru PERSPECTIVE ATELIER Jacket with traditional embroidery
OLDCOM shoes ZARA jeans

Video: Purple Production – Dinu Atanasov
Photo: Cosmina Contu Image
Location: Sibiu, La placinte