Before we start let me tell you that what you see is inspired by the words of Marlene Dietrich & the album of Annie Lennox ” DIVA“. Also the entire concept was crafted together with the never ending creativity of Iuliana Cristina Popescu.

The Make -up created by Ioana Cristea and you must know you can drink a great coffee in a new place in town – Dialogue social bar.


Yes, i think i have to pay credit first. This is a proof of love and respect towards the people who work with me and the ones that inspire me. I should express my love and gratitude more often, not only during the fever of Valentine’s day.


During my life i’ve had the opportunity to meet several people who are telling me they don’t want to get married, or they don’t need a relationship whatsoever. Most of them had their hearts & souls crushed and destroyed by others. On the other side there are the individuals that are desperate to find the perfect match, are desperate to find love and passion.

This photos have been created as a manifesto, to help both sides to find a dose of inner peace & support before the madness of Valentine’s day. I did this, because i had the opportunity to be part of the groups described above. I had my ” I DON’T NEED ANYBODY!” moment i also had ”  HELP ! I NEED SOMEBODY! HELP! ANYBODY! moment too.

My solution in both cases was SELF-LOVE!

“You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first!” In order to get married, think …would you marry yourself? Have you made yourself clear about who you are, what you want and who deserves to love you? In your puzzle what is the missing piece? Who is worth it?

It might sound narcissistic but it’s not. Self love is about self respect.  ” Liking your own company, having self-respect and loving yourself before entering a relationship with someone else, guarantees that you won’t ingnore red flags, you will trust you intuition, and will leave when someone is treating you badly.” And don’t forget about trust. I’ve never met a person who trusts themself so much that they wouldn’t trust their partner. I am not into cheating. I’ d rather end a relationship, before starting another. I don’t find adrenaline in this game. I just feel like i would cheat myself first.

You have been gifted since you were born with testosterone & estrogene. You should never deny you duality, your androginity. Embrace it. After you’ll do this you will become Dandy Diva.

Let me define this for you:


 DIVA : is A woman who is usually perceived as bitch or self-absorbed, which in some cases they are. A diva is a woman who has self-confidence, self-respect, and hella swagger. She knows who she is and exactly where she is going. Her style and attitude are on point even when she is not trying. People typically gravitate to her because they respect her swagger.

DANDY: . A charming androgynous person of either gender.  A man who takes great care with his clothing and general appearance, especially one who is nonchalant in demeanor and (historically) tries to develop aristocratic hobbies, language, and honorable ideals. (See also fop)


Make them all mad about you!

Put on a coat, give them a show!



Happy Valentine’s