I don’t have a favourite colour.

I don’t have a favourite song or a favourite flower, nor a favourite dress…not even a favourite perfume. I am changing this preferences daily. It would be such a pity to love only the pink roses.

Every day is different, we should let our souls to explore everything around us. What’s the use to bound ourselves to a single colour forever, when there is so much to explore in terms of image.

Still what i believe in is : COLOUR COORDINATION.

When my look is perfectly coordinated in terms of  colour symmetry i am confident. This is how i find my harmony.

Here is an easy exercise for you to start dressing like that. For example ” la piece de resistance” in my look is that 70’s dress.  So in order to keep it simple i just repeated one of the tones i found in it in another uni piece of clothing like my top and my bottom. If you will start looking at my outfits you will notice this game quite often.

Colour is the power of any outfit.

It doesn’t only speak about yourself  to the world that surrounds you. I think it actually has the power to change your attitude, your own behaviour and your condition.

I believe more in colour power more than in flower power.







photo & edit : Iuliana Cristina Popescu



I was wearing:

And Other Stories Shoes

Vintage nylon dress

Perspective Atelier Pants

Bershka Top

Vintage earrings found at V for Vintage

Handmade bag from Krabi, Thailand