I’ve been dreaming to visit Cincsor GuestHouse from the first picture of that huge library going viral on the Internet. I am in love with all this restoration projects that are happening in Romania lately. We have so many astonishing architectural treasures that are left in total oblivion and it’s an absolute wonder to see things changing. I think that there’s no bigger satisfaction than seeing that you can rebuilt with your own hands a new life in an old building. Nevertheless, i have to admit that both me & Patrick are dreaming to be able to have at least one restoration project in our lifetime. But until that moment will happen, we are just enjoying the dreams that are coming true in the small villages of Romania. The Cincsor Guesthouse used to be an abandoned Art Nouveau Saxon School in a small village from Transylvania. “The school was built in 1910 in the Art Nouveau style by the famous Saxon architect Fritz Balthes. Because of the collapse of communism and the mass emigration of the Saxons back to Germany, the school was left to ruins and ended up being the village dump ground. In 2008 the former school was put on the market to be sold and so the adventure began. She is a Saxon lady from the village, he is German born. They decide to enter this adventure and transform what was once the jewel of the Saxon community into not only a charming guesthouse but a good practice model for sustainable rural tourism in Romania.”

Now that you’ve been informed let me introduce you to our fairytale week-end.


The Good Morning!


I’ve always considered that there is something magical about waking up in an attic, and in this guest house all the 3 bedrooms are placed in the attic.

For 1 year and 8 months, we’re not having an A-Z sleep. Our child is not the best “sleeper”, he is constantly asking for attention, including the night-time.  I don’t know what baby doesn’t do that, but i know that even after so much time we’re not dealing with the fact that we have to wake-up 3 times/night. Therefore, we’re constantly tired & GRUMPY. 

Miracles do happen in Cincsor GuestHouse, where all of us had a good sleep in that huge bed placed in the centre of our attic room. It was actually quite a GOOD MORNING & Cosmina Contu has captured probably the most natural picture of us ever. 



The Game


The best gift you can offer to your family is your time. There is no TV in this Guesthouse & even if there is Wi-Fi connection, i haven’t felt the need to use it. Both me & Patrick have spent the childhoods in our grandparents villages and we’re actually suffering that our children won’t have that opportunity anymore.  So we’re doing our best to offer him from time to time that genuine feeling of freedom & healthy lifestyle. Also it was the first time when Erik was conscious about the idea of SNOW & his happiness discovering new games to play, is impossible to miss in the pictures below.  




Fooling around with this beauty creator: @Andreea Pasca





Dinner is Served.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about this place. I don’t know if i’ve been charmed by its simplicity or the warm smiles those nice people were offering us constantly, but there’s is definitely something magical going on in this place. Basically it’s all about a good vibe & a place to rest your soul and mind.
The candlelight dinner was romantic and proper for a gourmet restaurant with tasty, special dishes. I consider this occasion my amazing Christmas night that i’ve had the chance to live 2 weeks before the holiday. Needless to say that all the dishes were created by Adrian, the incredible Chef that was constantly spoiling us with reinvented Transilvanyan local dishes & foreign receipts. A true artist that completes the mission of this beautiful place.Before i’ve ended my story, i have to tell you a little secret: all the Christmas decorations you can spot in the following pictures, have been hand-crafted by Irina, the manager of the place, a wonderful host & human being. In one word: this is a perfect place to spend a quiet weekend with your plus one, your kids, your family, your friends or even alone with a good book. Should also be considered as your destination for a magical Christmas night with your loved ones, because the moment you enter that place, it become your Home Sweet Home.


This perfect outfit match between that Ikea Teddy Bear & my Boy is totally unplanned. Some things are just meant to be & happen!








Sofiaman matching Pyjamas

Pink beenie –Pull & Bear

My father’s oversized Knitted sweater

Aldo Minett red heels

Sweet Paprika green 50’s dress available to shop here.

Patrick wears a no-name Ushanka/  Vagabond Studio Coat

Erik  is wearng a ski-suit found in Auchan In-Extenso by his grandmother, a NEXT kids shirt & H&M Velvet pants

Photo credit: Cosmina Contu

Mua: Andreea Pasca

Special thanks Irina Ciungu-Suteu & Cincsor Guesthouse.