Every decade has its magic. But nothing compares to the disco vibes of the 80s. I have been raised by two teens that have danced on the best pop & disco hits of the 80s. Naturally, as a child born at the beggings of the 90s my childhood was full of the music of Abba, Boney M, Depeche Mode, Rochie e Poverri , Matia Bazaar, Modern Talking, Sandra, Alphaville, Tears For Fears, Diane Ross, Michael Jackson and so many many others.
My mother was a stay home mum, and while she was doing her daily business in the house she used to dance on MTV & VH1 classics songs. I watched video clips more than I have watched cartoons in my life and probably that’s why I constantly find inspiration in old disco videos.
So I did for this look worn during the 2nd day of Milan Fashion Week. When I saw these silver over the knee shining & glmaourous boots designed by the Romanian brand Garkony, I knew I have to transform the streetstyle of Milan Fashion Week into a Disco dancefloor. They were made to be worn with that silk ruffled violet dress by PNK. Needless to say the dress also had those silver sequined details all over her ruffles. I actually have a thing for these small perflectly matching details. As for the Katerinimou hand crafted earrings and hand embroidered Oana Lupas coat, I think they were the best choice to complete this look. And Thank God it was warm enough to wear that dress without freezing to death. I also have a few tips for you. I have to recognize I always wear 2 wear of tights and anything that can keep me warm without spoiling my looks.
So in the second day I have attended the Alberto Zambelliand Francesca Liberatore show. Whilst the first designer has chosen to keep it simple during the next season, with whites, and simple cuts and monochrome layering, the second designer has reinvented the Italian romance. She has included a lot of oriental details in her garments. The blue velvet pieces with golden embroidery were my favourites.
Also I think that the greek goddess messy curly hairstyles were the best choice for those dresses.
After these shows we went to meet Alina Ceusan in the center of the city. Unfortunately the scene of Milan Fashion Week interfered with a national political protest and there have been a few incidents in the city. So we decided to postpone our plans as the center of the city was extremely crowded and full of police and we went home , to stay safe. I have discussed with some local photographers and their stories about the political situation in Italy have saddened me. I truly hope that people will give up their xenophobic mania and they will embrace the diversity. It was such a contrast between fashion week- an event that reunites creatives, artists, designers, press, bloggers, from all over the world and embraced gender freedom and race equality and the beauty of diversity and then you see this people shouting : Non-italians, Go home just in front of you, on the street!