Part of the fun of Halloween is that you get to be someone else for a night, no?

Well, i’ve never been a bunny. At least not a Playboy one. As a woman i embrace my sexuality, i always did. I just didn’t felt the need to show it off on a daily basis. Posting my wannabe curves on internet has never been a priority for me. Mostly because they were non-existent for a very long period of time.

“There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.”

Said  Audrey Hepburn – and i couldn’t agree more, as my measurements were also a non-recommendation in terms of the sex-appeal the society is used to see. But this time i decided to show off my dark side as a manifesto.

Vulgarity has no role in my life. At least in the terms i understand the definition of it. Most of the Halloween costumes i’ve seen in my life i consider rather vulgar than spooky


Now, i know that Playboy, the way i saw it in the year 2000 ad. Christ…had a lot to do with vulgarity, bimbos and etc. Yet, there is a part about it i’ve always admired. The guts of a guy called Hugh Hafner, who started in the 50’s a sexual revolution that has changed the press and sex forever. There are a lot of side-effects,  that have been discussed & criticized in social media after his death. I’ve even read about some victims of the “playboy effect”. Yet i decided to focus on the bright side. The one where “orgasms” are happening.

The bunny costume will forever remain in history as one of the symbols of sexiness. At least it has been in the past 6 decades.
A few historical data you should know about this costume:

1.The Playboy Bunny outfit was the first service uniform registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

2. The costume itself was conceived by Playboy’s director of promotions, Victor Lownes, designed by Zelda Wynn Valdes, and subsequently refined by Hugh Hefner.

3. First unveiled publicly in an early episode of Playboy’s Penthouse, it made its formal debut at the opening of the first Playboy Club in Chicago on the evening of February 29, 1960

4.The Playboy Bunnies were waitresses who served drinks at Playboy Clubs. There were different types of Bunnies, including the Door Bunny, Cigarette Bunny, Floor Bunny, Playmate Bunny and the Jet Bunnies.

5. According to Hugh Hefner, the Bunny was inspired by Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana, Illinois.

Bunny’s Tavern was named for its original owner, Bernard “Bunny” Fitzsimmons, who opened for business in 1936. Serving daily food specials for a mere thirty-five cents, as well as ten-cent draft beers, Bunny’s catered to locals and University of Illinois students alike. One of those students (in the late 1940s) was Hugh Hefner.

So this year for Halloween i am paying credit to one of the most notorious brands ever and i did it in my way.

Because i may be Sweet, but don’t forget that i my last name is Paprika.

Murmur is probably the sexiest brand, Romania has to offer to this world. So i chose their black Sculpt Bodysuit to build up the feminine shapes of my body and complete my roleplaying task. Needless to say, it is worth to spend your Halloween night in precious satin.

Couldn’t have created this without the brilliant dramatic Make-up created by Ioana Cristea.

And last but not the least, all the sexy directing credits, both for the video and for photography go to Iuliana Cristina Popescu. She had the red light obsession, i loved it and this happened.

Long live the freedom of speech,

and a very inspired, dark and sexy Halloween… i guess?


concept directed by:  IULIANA CRISTINA POPESCU 

Make-up created by IOANA CRISTEA