When I accepted Sanda’s invitation to be part of this journey – 3 months ago – I had no idea how I would ever manage to find the time to do THIS!
Basically, I still don’t know how I managed to create a 60′s SPRING collection, whislt still working on my winter VELVET collection.
I know you’re sometimes sitting there, following my blog, and you wonder wether I have a nanny or if i’m totally crazy. The truth is, that I only have the support of my husband and sometimes the grandparents, brothers, sisters or some friends that come to help us! And thanks to them, I have time to work towards my dreams.
Sanda, the creator of the “Fashion Journey” concept, knew from the beginning that it would have been impossible for me to come to every meeting we had to have. She knew that I couldn’t be there 100% of the time, and with this occasion, I have to thank her for understanding me!
So, today I am showing you a lot of pictures taken behind the scenes, on 25th of November, during our “FASHION JOURNEY IN TIME”! I was responsible for the 60′s decade and I created 10 outfits that can totally make you travel in time. Of course all you need to add is some attitude, cat-eye make-up and a 60′s “Bouffante” Hair Style.
I know it’s raining outside and that spring is somewhere…far, far away, but at least I can dream about a spring in Mini Skirts and with a lot of legs showing off on the streets.
Don’t ask me when you will be able to see the new products on the online shop, I have no idea when I will find the time to do the shooting. But I can at least assure you that you can make an appointment & visit us anytime at the Showroom and see the NEW COLLECTION!
I know this part will be boring for you, because usually people don’t like to listen the “THANK YOU’S!” But the truth is that, there were tons of people involved in this story, and we couldn’t have made anything without them. I will start with my colleagues: Rusanda Cojocaru, Raluca Constantin & Ana Munteanu, who have even come to my flat just to let me appear in some “teasing”, “avant-event” photos. Big thanks to Cosmin from Rue des Modeles who offered me the opportunity to dress these gorgeous girls in the 60′s style. The models were truly very understanding & they managed to do the catwalk without any rehearsals ( in those pictures I was just pointing & explaining them where to stop & how to walk). Thank you to my friends who are always there for me. Maria, Katia, Patrick & Vlad for staying with the baby, the other Maria for staying with the models during the Make-up & Hair Styling session. To my new assistant, that is completing an internship and does everything possible to make my life easier, without any suggestions. Andreea Androne, it is a pleasure to work with you!
Big Thanks to all those people who have chosen to be near us, even if they could’ve gone to the other 5 fashion events that were happening at the same time during that evening.
Thanks to Yvette’s Shoes for the sponsorship and the perfectly matching heels.
Thank you Atelier Make-up Paris for recreating the perfect 60’s eyes & Catalin Serban -the hairstylist that made my dreams come true !
Thanks to Cosmina Pasarin for hosting our event.
Thank you Old City for the location!

And last but not the Least : Thank you to Cosmina Contu from LOOKOOL for these beautiful candids…in black & white. I adore these photos dear! You have truly recreated the 60s spirit with them.

There’s much more to say… but I think we should stop here… until the NEXT SHOW!


I was wearing: Yvettes Shoes & my own 60’s dress & Aldo Earrings

Photo: Cosmina Contu – Lookool
Alberto Bolocan Photography

Our fantastic Partners:
Oldcity Club
YvetteS. Atelierul de Pantofi
Atelier Paris Make-Up Bucuresti
Catalin Serban – Hairstyle
Londa Professional
Ninebot Romania
Rue des Modeles
Ballet Fitness Romania
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