From 2012 i started to go to Fashion Weeks. Paris was my first destination and the only 2 shows i’ve seen were just pure luck, because everybody from the outside was invited to see it. Needless, to say I was mesmerized to see the magic behind the walls.

Anyways, i was always more interested to hang out with photographers and bloggers, have a chat outside the show and if they were interested i would have posed for street-style. At that time there wasn’t this war with the photographers vs influencers. The bloggers were just assuming that the photographers are selling their pictures to the magazines and everybody was cool about it.

Until now, i’ve been 4 times in Paris, twice in Milan, once in London and twice in Strasbourg for fashion weeks. This is my record.


Today i’ll just focus on what exactly happens in Milan during a fashion week. I will just try to give you some tips if you’re planning to check this kind of event in your lifetime experience.

  1. It is better to go in Milan in  Septemeber, when the Spring-Summer  shows are happening. The weather is fine and that is the most important thing, when you’re trying to show off your looks.
  2. From my point of view and my experience, it is easier to get invited to shows in Milan. They are more open to press and bloggers. In order to get accreditation you should visit this site. Of course, your activity in online, your fashion week record, your name in Google & etc. are playing a big role in succeeding. I mean, it took me a few years to built my record and my blog. It didn’t happen over night. I worked for this.
  3. Besides being invited to shows. you might as well get invited to different cocktail parties, showroom openings or private events.
  4. Another strategy that is used by many influencers is to contact directly the PR department of the brand. All the big brands have a contact address on their sites. You can try sending an e-mail.
  5. If you are a  buyer you should get a buyer accreditation here.
  6. When you’ll get there, be ready to wait in lines before every show and be ready to run from one show to another.
  7. Always have your phone and camera fully charged. I always have tech problems. This time my phone charger cable wasn’t working and i lost an external battery. And that’s why my community has lost a big deal from what i could have offer them on my social media accounts. Also it is a huge problem when you have you invitation online on your phone.
  8. You will need Compeed more than ever. No matter how comfortable your heels seem to be, you will have your feet butchered after one day of running on the heels.
  9. Take time for a meal and a drink. The show must go on, but with you being able to actually see it! Also Vitamins are good idea!
  10. Get to know the people around you. You will never know how a common passion will bloom in a long time friendship. I have won one of  the most beautiful friendships thanks to a fashion week. Theo Martin is in my life since my first fashion week in 2012. The best you can win after a fashion week is bonding, connections and friends from all around the world.


That’s all folks.






Photos: Iuliana Cristina Popescu



Look details:

Dress : SWEET PAPRIKA – available in pre-order :

Heels : ALDO


Glasses: MANGO

Earrings: Vintage clips