Sadly, my yesterday’s experience in a museum inspired me to write some ugly truths… about being a mom.
To start with the latest – yesterday i couldn’t enjoy a tour of an old house, because my 18 month boy was too loud…(TALKING in his own language with his car – not crying) and on old lady was way too disturbed so i preferred to leave that room asap, otherwise i could have started a war & she was not worth it. Yesterday i cried in my car, because of the society i’m living in, not because of my baby.
In the next minutes, the things will get more sweet & paprika and they might be funnier than you’ve expected.
My mom ugly truths:
1. When i hear my friends & other women talking about a new hobby or passion they’ve discovered & they ask me about myself :
“I’m a mom, i am happy when i have time to do my work in silence, read sth., eat properly, do my make-up from A to Z & go to the bathroom in silence. Also last week i had time to go to a pillates class, for the first time in my life!” Happily the things are changing now, that Erik goes to a baby nursery.
2. Sometimes all we want as parents is for our kid to go to bed so we could watch an episode from “Friends” & eat chocolates & snacks without being disturbed.
3. Being a mom is a constant battle between going to bed early to catch up on sleep, or staying up late to get some alone time with your husband.
4. I’m an adventurous woman, because sometimes i like to take my kid out in public.
5. 2 days ago i asked my husband to give me my phone, Erik brought it & threw it in my FACE, so i could see it properly…i almost got blind.
6. Parenting for me is a constant contradiction between encouraging my child to do lots of stuff & repeating every 5 minutes, “put it down”, “don’t do that” , “it might hurt you”, “it will KILL YOU!!!” Explanations are on repeat too!
7. I’m cleaning up daily after a party that i haven’t attended.
8. “Why did you do that?” the most useless question i’m repeating for a while…
9. “My liver aches when my child cries” …this is the next thing i’m gonna say to my doctor. Actually it is a very ugly truth.
10. Any moment of silence, when your baby is awake…is suspicious. Last time he used my red lipstick to paint his entire body. I used all my cleansing cream to take it off. ┬áThe truth is that i wasn’t mad, i just had a hysterical laughter. Erik was confused!


And still nothing compares to the moment when he hugs me before falling asleep. And that is a beautiful truth.


Thank you God for my sense of humour & for letting me be aware by my & my husband’s karma…that is now living with us under the same roof.







Photo: Laura Gherman


I was wearing: Pull & Bear denim jumpsuit & Vintage top
Erik was wearing: Babibou Jumpsuit & Next blouse